Patio Pavers

Patio pavers are paving stones made from various types of materials used to create beautiful and colorful patio areas in any design. Before you can ever break ground on a paver patio, you must first have a design. Patio designs no longer need to be the boring slab of concrete attached to the back of a house. There are many choices for patio pavers. Patios require thought in the planning stages. You must ask yourself many questions, such as what purpose will my patio serve? That will allow you to consider appropriate patio paver designs. You must also take into consideration the summer and winter sun, airflow, and existing views. Once you've answered all of your questions, you can begin the design process of your patio.

You'll want to create a paver patio design that reflects and compliments the rest of the house. Use the outside of the house and the inside of the house (when relevant) for creative inspiration. The materials used inside and outside the home can help you select a paver that will compliment the existing colors and textures of the house. Well-worn cedar shake siding looks great with a sand-molded brick paver designed to have an aged dignity, while a more modern home exterior might look better paired with a tumbled concrete paver or Marbella paver. Flagstone pavers make a nearly indestructible patio. Consider the intended purpose for the brick paver patio; frequent large gatherings of people means there's a need for a larger patio. A patio constructed of patio pavers can add a very distinctive look to your home. If installing patio pavers is done correctly, the brick paver patio will last of years. Traditional patio pavers, make for a great patio design and low maintenance. A patio that suits its purpose requires some thought in creating the best patio design for the space. Patio pavers are available in a variety of sizes, shapes, and materials so you can create almost any look you desire.

Types of Patio Pavers

Travertine pavers come in many sizes and colors and are widely used in outdoor dining areas and patios.
Marbella pavers are perfect patio pavers because they have very low heat absorption and wont get burning hot.
Flagstone pavers are an elegant choice for residential use. They are desirable for home beautification especially as patio pavers.
Concrete pavers come in many shapes and styles, including ones that simulate natural stone; they are stronger than brick pavers and form an interlocking surface.

Why Have A Professional Patio Paver Installation?


Design and Installation of Modular Interlocking Pavement, Natural Flagstone & Retaining Walls.

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