Marbella Shellstone

Marbella is a beautiful stone infused with ancient coral, shells and crustaceans. The fossils that can be found in Marbella date back thousands of years. It has a light sandy beige tone and its popularity can be attributed to its oceanic characteristics.


It has a 3988 P.S.I rating which is stronger than concrete & the strongest shellstones available on the market.

Frost Proof

Lots of people up North love the look but fear it will freeze like most other stones. Well this shellstone is Frost Proof and will never fault due to cold weather.

Slip Resistance

It has a Slip Resistance average of 0.74, which meets commercial standards. Smith-Emery Testing Laboratory, a full service independent testing laboratory, performed all these tests. Full specifications are available upon request.


When Marbella is sealed properly it wont stain. A simple 5-11 sealer will do the job. Marbella is more compact than other shellstones, which means less voids. With proper sealing, no water should penetrate which will prevent any mold from occurring.


Our Marbella tiles and pavers are calibrated so they can be installed with no grout joints and because Marbellas tone and characteristics are consistent with every piece you wont have to worry about replacements. A sample of Marbella that was handed out 10years ago would look virtually the same as a sample that is handed out today.This isnt the case with many Travertines or Pre-Cast pavers. Marbella pavers are perfect for patios, gardens and pool decks because they have very low heat absorption and wont get burning hot like travertine, granite, marble and concrete.

We cut it in a variety of different sizes and finishes making it flexible for both interior and exterior applications. Tiles,Patterns, Pavers, Coping, Pool Coping, Wall Caps, Stair Treads, Wall Tiles& Baseboards make up our line. You could truly build an entire house using Marbella. We ship containers all over the world and have the ability to get our material to any job site or warehouse on time & without breakage. We pride ourselves on maintaining a small company mentality. Here we place emphasize on personalized service with quick turn around and maximum flexibility to make us desirable to work with. These are many qualities that mega corporations simply cannot match. Our factory direct prices are extremely competitive and we would appreciate the opportunity to be able to bid on contracts & jobs you may have.

Design and Installation of Modular Interlocking Pavement, Natural Flagstone & Retaining Walls.

  ICPI certified