Flagstone Pavers

Flagstone is a generic term given to flat slabs of any natural paving stone material that is sourced from a stone quarry. Flagstone is made from stone such as sandstone or slate that is cut to form shallow, flat slabs. The most affordable flagstone pavers are made of natural stone types that are easy to split and cut into slabs. Although flagstone pavers can be more expensive than paving stones made of composite materials, the natural beauty of real stone can enhance a property's value and more than make up for the higher cost, which is primarily due to the quarrying involved.


Flagstone pavers are an elegant choice for residential use. Their use in commercial properties is not common because of cost and installation processes, but this serves to make them perhaps even more desirable for home beautification and exclusivity. Patios, walkways, pool decks, and garden focal point areas are places to consider for flagstone pavers. These lovely paving stones can be set in mortar or even sand; suppliers of flagstone pavers are excellent sources of information on installation methods. If you are working with an experienced contractor, he will be familiar with installation methods most used in your area and best suited to your property's particular requirements.


Benefits of using flagstone pavers include durability, safety, low maintenance, acid resistance, and lack of heat absorption. Noted for the wide range of earthy tones available, one of the beauties of flagstone pavers is that no two stones are exactly alike, lending to the natural look and feel of paved areas. In many instances, flagstone pavers are cut in random shapes and are fit together artfully. Stones can also be purchased ready-cut in regular shapes such as squares or rectangles.


Flagstone paving stones are a low maintenance material because of their high density and natural durability. The variation in color and tone can grow lovelier with time and use. Unlike other types of paving materials, this variation adds to flagstone pavers' charm.

Other Useful Information

Flagstone is usually sold by the ton. Coverage by the ton determines the end price, not including delivery and installation. The amount of coverage varies from project to project, and is derived from stone selection, thickness, and other factors such as availability and distance from source to installation site.


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